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A modern society that makes big demands on activity and comfort requires a well-functioning, safe and sustainable infrastructure for energy, water and wastewater utilities. We design architecture that supplies and facilitates everyday functions and helps establish sustainable new energy and resource networks.

The development and design of the physical structures of utilities is an important business area for Gottlieb Paludan Architects and a core architectural task for us. Since the 1940s, we have advised a wide range of clients in the energy and utilities sector, amassing extensive expertise in this field through the realization of hundreds of projects. We insist that our projects contribute to the common good, and we take pride in being the architects behind a range of striking projects that boost the changeover from fossil-based to renewable energy from being purely technical to a visible, engaging project for the community.

We have expanded this extensive project portfolio in recent years with a range of projects for high-tech industries, such as data centres and production. Modern industrial enterprises consume raw materials, water and energy, but by diverting excess heat to the district heating system, reusing materials, etc., they are becoming increasingly integrated into establishing sustainable new energy and resource networks.

We have vast experience of understanding our clients’ needs, which we tap into every time we are met with a new assignment. We see much common ground between requirements and preferences in the utilities sector and the modern, high-tech industry, such as robust, long-term, secure solutions that offer flexibility, low maintenance and high durability. In all our endeavours, we strive for building and landscaping solutions that are designed to be closely integrated into the process-technical installation.

Our countless projects range from power stations, district heating and cooling plants, gas and geothermal plants, waterworks, water treatment plants, cloudburst management facilities, waste management, data centres and production facilities. We also design all the associated operating and service functions such as control rooms, laboratories, workshops, administrative offices, not to mention the outdoor facilities with recreational landscapes, technical rainwater management, forecourts and road and docking installations.

We take on projects of all sizes, from large plants sited in the open countryside to small installations in urban settings and the refurbishment of existing plants. In the open countryside, the visual perspective from afar is crucial. Here, the architecture must be simple, yet distinctive. In urban spaces, the prime task for the installation is to display respect and integrity in equal measure. Renovations and transformations must respectfully submit to the existing environment, while charting an architectural course that instils confidence in the present and sets hopes for the future.



Christina Tolstrup

  • Head of Water & Utilities, DGNB Consultant
  • Architect MAA
+45 4171 8277

Marise Hansen

  • Head of Climate Adaption & Landscape
  • Project Manager, Landscape Architect
+45 4171 8298

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