Urban Development

The design and layout of streets, squares and urban spaces are decisive for how we move about and use the city. Our design of urban spaces and development of new connections are driven by our ambition to promote personal space for movement and development potential.

Supporting and enhancing sustainable urban development ranks high on most urban agendas. Getting more people to stay in the city and walk, cycle and use public transport is necessary for meeting social challenges, lowering carbon emissions, restricting congestion and making urban living more attractive. This calls for urban spaces and good infrastructure of a particularly high functional and aesthetic quality.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects assists municipalities, government clients and private organizations with an array of services related to cities and urban spaces, ranging from urban development strategies, cohesion between urban life and mobility, strategic identification of urban space potentials and vegetation lending character to design concepts and planning of street spaces, station forecourts and other public spaces.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has long-standing experience of layout solutions for the city’s most functional spaces. In our view, a station forecourt, a street, an urban space or a bridge is always part of a bigger network and should never be seen in isolation. A street space performs basic functions such as pavement, bicycle lane, bus stop, roadway, but it is also a place in which it is possible to introduce vegetation and accessible urban nature areas, manage surface rainwater and create spaces for meeting, relaxing, etc.

We know that an additional effort, also in terms of minute physical interventions, can enhance urban interconnectivity. This is exemplified by reorganizing bicycle parking to improve flow, enhancing accessibility, widening a pavement or extending a row of trees. All these elements help establish both physical and spatial connections that individually improve the world around us.

Our approach to every project, in a dynamic dialogue with our clients and partners, is to analyze and understand the functional and technical prerequisites, the context and interrelation with adjoining areas, the various user groups and the processes preceding a given project.

We work systematically with sustainability throughout the project and have multiple DGNB-certified consultants for urban districts.


Sara Wille-Garvin

  • Head of Urban Development & Mobility, DGNB Consultant
  • Urban Planner, Architect MAA
+45 4171 8237

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