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The station square in Frederiksværk


Gottlieb Paludan Architects (GPA) is the integral consultant for the new design of the station square in Frederiksværk. The project will increase accessibility for bus traffic and create an enhanced travel experience for all combination travellers

The remodelling of the station square in Frederiksværk is part of a larger urban planning commitment at municipal level. Increased accessibility for buses and better parking facilities for driving and cycling commuters are determining factors for the square’s new flow and plan arrangement.

GPA’s solution imparts a more logically structured holistic touch to the station square: Parking and bus stops trade places in the station area so that public transport occupies a convenient and visible position directly in front of the station building, with new bus bays and better-managed traffic flow. At the same time, the forecourt is configured so as to focus on the correlation with the surrounding town and its historical connections, so as to interlink town and station. Wayfinding in the square will be reinforced by a combination of new and existing surfacing and entirely new planting. GPA will integrate specialized know-how about traffic flows, landscape architecture and rainwater management in an easy-to-read design that gives the station forecourt a distinct but gentle update.

Photos: Gottlieb Paludan Architects


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