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Landscape & Planning

DSB train workshop in Næstved, Landscape plan

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has been responsible for the landscape work and design of buildings for the establishment of a new DSB workshop in Næstved. The location, integration and design of the overall facility must take into account protected nature and wildlife, a protected landscape and other landscape designations in the area.

The new DSB workshop is located in an open and relatively flat landscape consisting of a undisturbed and open agricultural landscape with long, valuable views to and from the protected Mogenstrup Ås, which forms the northern border of the project area and parts of the new access areas. The area is linked to Fladsågård estate and includes a protected bog, a protected forest and protected water streams. The landscape is characterized by the relatively flat open agricultural landscape with Mogenstrup Ås, which rises to the north, as a distinctive terrain form with forest and open grassland areas. The project area is designated as a nature conservation area and part of Grønt Danmarkskort, the green Denmark map, which aims to create coherent nature networks. The area is also covered by the designations "Landscape worthy of preservation" and "National geological area of interest" and affected by an open protection line and a low-lying area designated for wetland restoration.

The landscape treatment includes the entire project area and must fulfill three main tasks:

  • Contribute to the most harmonious integration of the workshop facility in a vulnerable and valuable landscape.
  • Contribute to the consideration of visual conditions, nature and wildlife.
  • Support scoring criteria in relation to DGNB certification. Including creating quality in the outdoor areas, increasing biodiversity, preserving existing trees and creating soil balance.
In addition, the project includes the construction of treatment ponds, swales for the transportation, treatment and retention of rainwater, as well as the restoration of green areas, planting and paths. There will also be arrival and parking areas on site, as well as recreational areas for employees.
The integration of a new workshop provides an opportunity to clear large areas of cultivated farmland and to develop new nature in the undeveloped areas around the workshop. Agricultural land is returned to nature, and large parts of the project area are part of a coherent nature network that supports local flora and fauna as well as the municipality's landscape and recreational ambitions for the area, including plans for new path connections and recreational functions linked to Mogenstrup Ås and new wetlands around Fladså.

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