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Landscape & Planning

Substations in Stockholm, Sweden - tranformation and energy supply

Gottlieb Paludan Architect’s proposal has won the design competition to design the future substations for Stockholm, Sweden. 

Electricity supply plays a crucial role in the future of Sweden, where industries, transport and cities are being electrified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Expantion of the electricity grid calls for more thoughtful integration into the urban landscape. The design proposal, therefore, follows modular premisses and appears as a discrete technical building with flexibility and a soft design language that can be seamlessly integrated into different urban contexts. 

Despite the diverse adaption abilities of the substations, they adhere to a shared set of design principals based entirely on Stockholm’s premisses. This is reflected in the colour palette of blue-grey and green-grey, the choice of metal and wood materials, and characteristic shapes of eaves or canopies from both classical and modern architecture - features typical to Stockholm. The choice of materials, renewable wood and recyclable metal, is further based on their long-lasting, patinating and low mainteance capabilities. 

The design of the substation aims to evoke positive associations and contribute to the community by providing weather protection, bicycle parking and a positive narrative about Stockholm’s priorities – local anchorage, people and sustainability. 

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