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Bridge in Mühlau, Switzerland

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has designed a new bridge in Mühlau that blends in with the surrounding scenic landscape.


The existing bridge in Mühlau has long served as an important link between two villages. However, safety concerns have made it necessary to build a new bridge that can accommodate pedestrians, cyclists and cars while integrating into the existing landscape. Gottlieb Paludan Architects has developed the winning competition design, which emphasises safety, visibility and environmental harmony. 

The design is based on optimising the structure of the bridge by transforming the approach curve to the bridge and the width of the bridge, thereby improving visibility for both cars and pedestrians on the bridge. Titled "Flügelschlag", which translates to bird wings, the design is inspired by the local bird population. The twisting flange design adds dynamism and creates changing reflections of natural light throughout the day.

Under the bridge, added stones create a habitat that not only enhances the landscape but also benefits the river's fauna. The V-shaped bridge piers form a unique visual element under the bridge, ensuring minimal blocking of views of the surrounding nature. Furthermore, the amount of new concrete is reduced by reusing the existing bridge foundation and piers.

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