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DR Byen, Segment 3

The extensive DR Byen complex, which is the headquarters of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), was developed according to a master plan in four segments with four different functions. The segments were designed by different architects, and Segment 3 was designed by Gottlieb Paludan Architects and NOBEL arkitekter, having submitted the winning entry in an invited design competition.

Segment 3 houses the DR administration, joint meeting facilities, the ‘P4 København’ radio channel as well as a production kitchen and the staff canteen. In addition, the building accommodates the entire organization’s goods-in department and waste handling. Segment 3 is structured as a composition of building, glass façade and internal garden courtyards. The glass façade is shaped like a transparent external screen, simplifying the visual identity of the Segment and strengthening its connection with the other Segments. The external screen provides a number of user-related, climaticand maintenance benefits, and the courtyards behind the screen make a positive contribution to the climate strategy of the building, including mechanically supported natural ventilation, to name but one inventive design feature.

The courtyards are not entirely enclosed, and the plants and temperatures are therefore affected by the seasons. The glass façade and a light glass roof shelter the courtyards against the elements and create comfortable semi-protected outdoor spaces that extend the summer season for DR employees.The three open office floors are organized around a central atrium with skylight and garden courtyards. Thus, all workstations are positioned close to the façades and natural daylight, and an attractive and flexible working environment plays a key role in creating a well-functioning organization. 

This full-service consultancy project was completed in cooperation with NOBEL arkitekter and Rambøll as sub-consultants and in close dialogue with DR’s client organization and user groups. The project also included environmentally sound planning and design as well as general financial analyses of potential construction proposals. 

Photos: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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