Creating inclusive buildings and urban spaces are all about integrating universal design and accessibility in all phases of the design process. This is how we can create sound, beautiful architecture with equal access to all.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects works with Universal Design – a concept with a broader reach than the term accessibility. It is important to have the right slope on the ramp, but we also aim to ensure that everyone can use and experience the architecture in a dignified, enriching manner.

For years, we have worked with some of the busiest urban facilities: stations. Their fundamental requirement is that everyone must be able to move about and access all the functions. This is why our design process builds on in-depth knowledge of applicable guidelines and deep insight into the various user groups. In our experience, facilities that are accessible for everyone can be created by integrating a universal design mindset from the outset.

Our services range from organizing the project processes, client consultancy, integrated accessibility design and development of wayfinding solutions. This means that we provide advice from the initial strategic level for the design of handrails, surface guide lines and contrasting colours.

We apply a wide range of well-documented methods and solutions, aimed at engendering a sense of anchoring and ownership in users. A key aspect of our approach is meticulously defining user types and needs, along with a comprehensive analysis of ‘user journeys’ through the building or urban space. We develop our solutions in an interplay of data collection, analysis and practical trials of specific design proposals. Process and method are adapted to the individual project, the particular client’s expectations and relevant legislation.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects provided client consultancy services in connection with the building of the new domicile for Disabled People’s Organisation Denmark — referred to as “the world’s most accessible office building.” This and other projects have given us a wide network within the field and access to trained specialists with knowledge about the various disability groups and their specific challenges.


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