Landscape analysis

Many agendas are broken in landscapes: highly industrialized farming, outdoor enthusiasts, urbanization/depopulation and nature conservation interests. If they all get a chunk without somebody keeping an eye on the overall effect, there is a definite risk that we will lose the cohesion and distinctive character of our landscapes.

We often apply the Landscape Character Assessment(LCA). LCA consists in the methodical registration, analysis and assessment of a landscape’s qualities, condition and potential vulnerabilities.  It gives us perspective and a basis for taking an overall view of the open countryside and peri-urban landscapes. At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we use the method when we develop strategies and concepts for landscape designs and in connection with impact assessments of planned projects. Our main job in this respect is to ensure that development and changes to a landscape are performed sensitively and that any new structure interacts harmoniously with the character and qualities of the landscape in question.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects employs LCAs both in connection with projects that are subject to the general planning and administration of local authorities and in the assessment and design of specific structures.  Our services cover, for example, the designation of “Large, contiguous landscapes”; development of peri-urban, recreational landscapes and village communities; the siting and design of technical plants, station and urban development areas as well as plans for particularly valuable landscapes and natural environments. The analytical method is extensive. We generally apply the method as the foundation in our peri-urban landscape analysis, where the extent and content is adjusted according to the individual project. 

At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we have landscape architects who have many years of experience working with Landscape Analysis. Our specialists have, for example, produced an APROPOS guide on LCA and “Large, contiguous landscapes” in collaboration with the Danish Nature Agency.  


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