Light and lighting

Light has the ability to induce change. The well-planned skylight elevates church rooms and makes workshops efficient. Ideal artificial lighting makes offices attractive or parking spaces safe and well-functioning. Or conversely: Anyone can imagine how incorrect lighting can ruin any mood or make it impossible to get your bearings and see properly.

Light always plays a decisive role in Gottlieb Paludan Architects’ design of the physical settings for human life and work. Indoors or outdoors, light is a necessity, be it good daylight in buildings or artificial lighting for after dark.

At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we incorporate lighting considerations into projects from the pitset to identify the right solutions for both daylight and artificial lighting. These solutions are based on functional requirements and aesthetic qualities and satisfy our endeavours to create beautiful, lasting solutions that do not distract from the important features.

In many cases, the most successful lighting design is actually what no-one notices. We take a simple approach to light: support the function, emphasize beauty and get the most out of the light that will be there anyway. And besides, we know that successful lighting does not come about by itself.

In the video below, our lighting designer Jesper Ravn talks about the importance of lighting design:

See the importance of light on Copenhagens new power station, BIO4, in the video below: 


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