EIA reports

Before infrastructure or a large-scale technical facility is sited in a landscape, authorities generally demand an assessment of its impact on the environment and the landscape. An EIA report’s visual and spatial assessment provides a sound basis for the harmonious integration, siting and design of the facilities.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects contributes to EIA reports by producing landscape-architectural analyses and assessments of specific structures’ visual and spatial impacts on urban and rural areas. This is particularly important in vulnerable nature areas, valuable landscapes and areas where the facilities are seen and used by many people.

Our specialists have years of experience as advisers to municipalities, utility companies, private clients and the Danish Road Directorate on the design of a wide range of projects, primarily related to infrastructure and climate change adaptation, as well as building projects linked to utilities and other industries. This includes data centres, factories, utility facilities, motorways, railways and high-voltage systems as well as rainwater, cloudburst and flooding management in urban and rural contexts.

At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we prepare strategies and principles for terrain and vegetation, as well as conceptual designs for associated structures and equipment to ensure that the facility, city and surrounding landscape are harmoniously integrated. The latter may comprise everything from bridges, interchanges and noise shields to drainage and overflow structures, etc. It is particularly beneficial to intervene early on in the siting of the specific facilities to minimize urban and scenic consequences, be it a building, tracing or a cloudburst management facility.

We have extensive expertise in producing visualizations and other types of illustrations that clearly illuminate landscape conditions. These are important tools, not only in the final EIA report but also in our communication with the client, other associated advisers and the authorities involved.


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