Sustainability management

The demand for sustainable buildings is on the rise. Clients, users and politicians call for solutions which not only reduce the environmental impact and consumption of resources but also strengthen social and aesthetic qualities. The challenge is to incorporate the multiple excellent intentions into the final project.

At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we use a highly efficient management method which ensures that the sustainability vision will gradually materialize as the project progresses through its various phases towards realization.

We preliminarily screen a project where conclusions and recommendations form the basis for dialogue with the client to identify which sustainability measures are realizable in the project.

If the client decides to pursue these measures, we provide a management process in which we jointly draft a plan with objectives in relevant areas. The status of these objectives is logged on an ongoing basis, and progress is reviewed and challenges dealt with at separate meetings during the proposal and project phases as well as at the end of the design phase.

Finally, we can provide DGNB certification of buildings, urban districts and landscapes.


  • Head of Water & Utilities, DGNB Consultant
  • Architect MAA
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