The control room is the heart and mind of every technical facility. The power station, power grid, production process or traffic is managed from here. Everything revolves around the operators’ need for overview, functionality and seamless cooperation. A well-thought-through control room proves its worth notably during operating irregularities.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects specializes in optimizing the design of the control room and of the process leading to the result. No matter whether a control room has 25 workspaces or only a few, and irrespective of the function being managed, the conditions are basically the same:

control desks and screens with vast amounts of information must be monitored, and a number of support functions must be available nearby.

The mutual interplay of operators and ideal working conditions are crucial. In a well-functioning control room, the operator has overview at all times, important communication is clearly understood, operations can be planned, and visitors can be received in the best possible way.

The physical durability of control room furnishings is of essential. Maintenance and service must be smooth, efficient and minimized, even in an environment subject to 168 hours of wear each week.

From a number of control room projects, Gottlieb Paludan Architects has learned the lessons needed to understand the specific dynamics that a control room must support. Our solutions involve all conditions – furnishings, layout, ergonomics, acoustics, lights, lighting design, ventilation and the human factor.

Our ideal solution is a perfectly functioning workplace that elegantly exudes control!


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