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Landscape & Planning


Gottlieb Paludan Architects has developed an outline proposal for a park-and-ride system at Lisbjerg light rail station

In connection with the new light railway in Aarhus, a park-and-ride system is being created to service Lisbjerg Station. The system links up with a larger urban development area, and the expectation is that it will become a hub for switching between bicycle, car, light rail and bus. That’s why there has been an important focus on designing the system to cater for soft road-users with simple flows and clear accessibility. This is being achieved by utilizing planting, surfacing and lighting as space-creating elements and surfaces that support the installation layout. It is also instrumental in giving the large installation a human scale. The trees are being planted in a slightly spread-out pattern that forms smallish spaces and breaks up the large asphalt surface of the carpark. The surfacing emphasizes flow and creates a readily understandable changeover between forms of traffic. The lighting is differentiated, and low-level bollard lighting marks pedestrian zones and cycleways.

The installation identifies itself as part of a larger landscape feature - and the terrain and planting will help screen the installation from the motorway to the south, hence the sizable scale of the planting along the edge and its more silvestrian nature.

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