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Urbanization helps shape our society. We are increasingly attracted by jobs, educations and cultural offerings available in big cities. Urban congestion is growing, while rural areas have to cope with increasing depopulation.

At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we contribute to easing traffic in cities, reducing the distance between country and city and connecting people and cities. We focus particularly on enhancing cohesion by developing traffic hubs, on the interplay of different modes of transport and how they integrate into the city – both in Denmark and abroad.

A well-functioning infrastructure is just one of many parameters for a well-functioning, mobile society. Mobility must be easy and attractive, across the country, between cities and in urban spaces – using public transport, by bicycle or car or intermodal transport. We consider this a core task for architects. We design metros, light rails, bus systems, stations, traffic terminals, bridges, squares, streets and roads as well as workshops, technical installations and control rooms. These must enhance the experience of travelling and well-functioning traffic flows. We promote bicycling with pedestrian and bicycle bridges, bicycle lanes and bicycle parking.

However, our mobility solutions are not just about getting from A to B. They must also blend in and merge with their surroundings. This is why we design stations and open spaces that enhance the quality of their surroundings and the urban space. Our design of roads and railway lines ensures that the infrastructure makes its own positive contribution to cities and landscapes, transcending a convenient utility value.

Since 1901, we have supplied our clients with innovative solutions that stand the test of time. Our long-standing experience has taught us to appreciate the inherent complexity of mobility projects that often attract massive public attention and involve many stakeholders and disciplines. As consulting architects, we know how to work in a field subject to many legitimate contributions, requests and attitudes. Our joint projects are characterized by responsibility and mutual respect, reflecting the trusting relations that underpin good projects.

Mobility construction projects are also integral to our shared, public space. They will impact many people’s daily lives. This is why we are committed to developing and contributing to beautiful, functional, user-friendly solutions that connect and enrich our world. 


Sara Wille-Garvin

  • Head of Urban Development & Mobility, DGNB Consultant
  • Urban Planner, Architect MAA
+45 4171 8237

Inge Fredslund

  • Head of Metro & Railway, Project Manager
  • DGNB consultant, Architect MAA
+45 4171 8215

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