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Ringsted Square, Pavilion

Gottlieb Paludan Architects won the design competition for a new pavilion on Ringsted Torv.

The pavillion is placed on Ringsted Square, near St. Bendt’s church. Therefore, it is important that it is capable of embracing the historical context and dovetailing into the architectural unity of the square. 

The striking construction and material-rich finish impart a characterful look to the pavilion, which references the Town Hall’s pergola and simultaneously appears as a unit in itself. The oblong shape separates the square and the church lawn into two distinctly defined spaces of a different nature. 

The design and construction are embodied as bronze-clad frames, their orientation designating the east-west axis running from the square to the church. The slightly fan-shaped position of the frames points directly towards the church, highlighting the visual link between townscape and church. The surfacing from the square also appears inside the pavillion, providing the perception of an interconnectedness of inside and outside. 

The pavillion is intended to provide the square with a new rendezvous point with appeal for young and old alike with its variety of functions. 

Gottlieb Paludan Architects won first prize in the invited design competition and Ringsted Municipality is responsible for the tendering and execution of the project.

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