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Landscape & Planning

Knudepunktsudvikling Sarpsborg

GPA has developed a plan a new transport hub in the centre of the Norwegian town of Sarpsborg which will ensure future growth and development in the area.

The project’s main ambition is to create a well-functioning town centre, where the town square (Torget) and station area interact and serve as the focal points of the town. The intervening streets feature vibrant urban spaces, inviting users to relax and socialize, and there is a definite focus on vulnerable road users.

The link between the station and the town square finds physical manifestation in a foot and cycle path. At the same time, the object of the project is to ensure that the many people who will be travelling via this new transport hub will get a clear and coherent impression of Sarpsborg. Therefore, all mobilities will be included in the urban planning; likewise, transferring from one mode of transport to another will be made easier and safer with a new foot and bicycle bridge, which will blur the divide between town and station which the railway line currently constitutes

In addition, the project will generate a green integration of Sarpsborg’s existing parks via planting and by establishing new green plants along the new cycle routes. The recreational qualities will be further strengthened via streamlining the public transport provision, reducing the number of heavy vehicles in the town centre.

Visualizations: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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