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Haga station and urban space

Gottlieb Paludan Architects is the architect behind Haga Station in Gothenburg and responsible for the design of the station buildings, bus stop and the urban space.

Haga Station is part of Västlänken, a major infrastructure project in central Gothenburg including 8 km new railway line, 6 km of which are tunnelled, and a total construction cost of €20 billion SEK. Three underground stations will be built including Haga Station, which is located in the middle of a cultural and historic environment near Kungsparken.

The project area is 25,000 square metres and consists of works under and above ground including above ground station buildings for the underground station, new bus and tram stops and all parts of the urban space such as planting, paving, lighting and other urban inventory.

The approach to the task is both to create a well-functioning transport hub and at the same time to inscribe it in a gentle manner and with great respect for the cultural and historical environment. The project thus unites park, urban and station environments in a coherent whole across all design elements. The overall ambition of the project is to let the urban space be the central element, while the station buildings are designed as low-key, functional pavilions amidst the green urban area.

Gottlieb Paludan Archtiects won the assignment in collaboration with AFRY as a result of a 1st prize in a design competition in 2020, and the project is expected to be ready for inauguration in 2026.

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