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Haga station and urban space

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has won first prize in the project competition to design the urban space, park environment and station buildings at Haga Station in Gothenburg. The proposal was designed in collaboration with AFRY Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Municipality laid out a competition programme with great emphasis on the interplay with the Haga district’s cultural-historical environment. The project will contribute to transforming an area dominated by traffic to an attractive, accessible and safe place to meet, creating a sense of calm and coherence in an area characterised by many different modes of transport. 

The urban space at Haga Station is dominated by Kungsparken, a park which is also involved and activated as part of the winning project. Generally, the project has an ambition of giving centre stage to the urban space while the station buildings are constructed as subdued, functional pavilions in the green urban space

The Haga district’s special historical nature and the future flows of people have guided the competition proposal. The proposal has an ambition that all new additions must build on an in-depth understanding of the character of the location and contribute positively to the park and the urban space. 

Haga is among the oldest neighbourhoods in Gothenburg and Haga Station will increase access to important local areas, while creating a new hub for public transportation in a valuable, popular and culturally sensitive environment.

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