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Greater Copenhagen Light Rail, Integrating the urban periphery

Gottlieb Paludan Architects is the lead consultant on the project to design 29 stations and adjacent urban spaces and landscapes for the forthcoming Greater Copenhagen Light Rail System.

New transport needs have arisen since the so-called “Finger Plan” of 1947 presented an iconic plan for the urban development of Greater Copenhagen. Accordingly, 11 Greater Copenhagen Local Authorities, the Capital Region of Denmark and the Ministry of Transport and Building) joined forces to construct the Greater Copenhagen Light Rail System.

Glostrup, Lyngby, Buddinge, Herlev, Vallensbæk and Ishøj will become important new traffic junctions for the light rail system, buses together with regional and commuter trains. The light rail system is expected to carry 13–14 million passengers a year. However, this figure is expected to increase to 17–18 million as the areas along the light rail system become built-up.

In addition to project management, Gottlieb Paludan Architects is responsible for the architectural design, including the adaptation of the stations concerned, optimizing intermodal travel, a Control and Maintenance Centre and other structures and for providing input to an EIA report on the project.

The project is carried out in collaboration with GHB, COWI and Kontrapunkt.

Design Challanges
- Creating an integrated solution spanning from the overall traffic flow to the design of induvidual furnishings.

- Crafting a design identity that is easily recognizable across town, as well as being able to integrate well in a specific, local context. 

- Managing full-service consultancy on a major infrastructure project.

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