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Stengården Station

Gottlieb Paludan Architects headed the refurbishment of Stengården S-train Station, situated on the outskirts of Bagsværd northwest of Copenhagen. Stengården Station is a typical S-train station with one platform and two platform tracks, serving the A and H S-train lines which connect Farum and Køge as well as Farum and Frederikssund.

This project was part of a comprehensive refurbishment programme for DSB S-train stations, entitled ‘The Station of the Future’. This refurbishment is undertaken to reduce the energy consumption and improve maintenance conditions.

A colour scheme consisting of red, black and granite grey are the basic colours of the design. They are recognizable as DSB colours, signalling the presence of the station. Seen from the forecourt and on the platform, the station is dominated by granite grey and black-painted surfaces. At the entrance, the red colour is introduced on a panelled wall. In the stairwell leading to the platform, there are red panels on the walls from floor to ceiling. Architecturally, the red panelled walls constitute a contrast to the grey exterior of the station; in addition, from a maintenance point of view, the panels have the very useful property that graffiti is easily removed.

The project also included replacement of the platform roof, an extension of the bicycle parking facilities, the addition of an overhang at the entrance and replacement of the light fittings with LEDs.


Photos: Jens Frederiksen

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