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Ny Ellebjerg Station

Gottlieb Paludan Architects is consultant on the development of Copenhagen's new transport hub.

Ny Ellebjerg Station, future København Syd (Copenhagen South), will be part of a future infrastructural hub with commuter trains, regional trains, metro and buses. Today, the site is characterised by the large railway line that separates the surrounding - very different – urban districts from each other and the current project will create better connections between the different urban districts and modes of transport.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects' services have included the development, sketching, design and tendering of an open concourse area at the station, which will connect the different modes of transport in a clear and accessible way. The organisation of intuitive flows around the station is the focal point of Gottlieb Paludan Architects' consultancy. Passenger and traffic flows are arranged to facilitate a smooth transfer and allow for future urban planning with good and safe access to, from and between the urban areas in the station vicinity. Signage in the concourse area is developed in collaboration with DOT.

An important architectural element in the concourse area is the red brick, which is characteristic of the entire Valby area. At the new station, the brickwork has a slightly different look than the traditional brick building facades of the neighbourhood, but still helps to connect the station to the local area. The brick also acts as a wayfinding element, with the red brick wall guiding passengers to the station's different platforms.

To create a visual and architectural marker in the area around the station, a central light pole is placed in the middle of the concourse floor. The floor is covered with granite in a matrix that fits in with the characteristics of the old station. The material ensures high durability and performance and creates a connection with the Metroselskabet's stations, where granite floors have also been installed. For the sake of open space, drainage points have been created in the concourse area floor. Red lifts link to the red bricks and hint that not only Metroselskabet but also DSB operate from the station.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has also carried out studies and surveys regarding future urban development in the area and, together with Arkitema and Systra, designed the future Copenhagen South Metro station, which is one of the five new stations on the future M4 Sydhavn line that will open in 2024. Together with the other transport providers in Copenhagen South, the Metro will help thousands of people use the concourse area every day and quickly make Copenhagen South one of the country's largest stations.

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