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Gottlieb Paludan Architects joined forces with Ommen & Møller and NIRAS to design a proposal for a pedestrian bridge and promenade in Esbjerg.

Using straightforward materials and design, Landgangen (The Gangway) establishes better coherence between the port and city of Esbjerg.

The extension of the project starts in the north at Havnegade and reaches to Dokkajen in the south and is made up of two parts. The Gangway itself is made up of a path laid out between two footbridges. Besides the Gangway, the project also includes the Waterfront Promenade along Havnegade between the Esbjerg Concert Hall and Smedegade.

The Waterfront Promenade marks the border between the city and the park landscape forming the foreground to the Port of Esbjerg. The Gangway is designed as a curved shape mirroring the topography. The rhythmically sweeping progression interacts with the landscape in several recessed open spaces with views of the city and the port.

These two interventions in the landscape at the edge of the city create a well-integrated link between city, port and sea. The unrefined, unaffected design of the solution interprets the atmosphere and materiality of modern Esbjerg.

The proposal finished second in the competition

Visualisations: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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