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Flexible parking for cargo bikes

Gottlieb Paludan Architects is responsible for the design of a new carrier-cycle parking solution in Copenhagen’s urban spaces.

The new carrier-cycle parking solution is very user friendly and easy to both mount and take down.

The cycle-parking rack – or ”parking wedge” – was developed for VEKSØ in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen. It involves a flexible, straightforward solution taking account of both cyclist, cycle, budget and mounting.

No lifting is needed for parking carrier cycles in the wedge. The carrier cycle is driven directly in across the wedge, without having to be manoeuvred into a narrow rack. After this, there is easy access to the locking point situated at the place where you dismount the cycle. The user-friendliness ensures a quick parking process.

The wedge is made of high-strength concrete with sturdy stainless-steel lock anchors. It does not have to be cast in place but is glued to the surface and leaves no marks after removal. The simple mounting and removal of the wedge makes it easy to combine solutions that fit in with different settings and their specific needs.

Photos: VEKSØ

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