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Landscape & Planning

Valby station bicycle parking 

Upgrading of the bicycle parking and arrival areas at Valby Station. GPA was the architectural consultant for the project which aims to increase the number of bicycle parking spaces, enhance accessibility at the station’s south entrance and help boost user satisfaction. 

The objective is to create parking spaces for 400 extra bicycles while enhancing traffic safety at the station by establishing a new bicycle path and bus terminal. 

An overall upgrading of the visual experience at Valby Station forecourt aims to create security by combining existing qualities with new parking options to make it more attractive to park your bike on the station forecourt.  

It is important to integrate flow and visibility when upgrading conditions for cyclists. An optimised passenger flow is the basis for user satisfaction and will ease the transfer from bicycle to train.   

New surfacing, lighting and vegetation are at the center when optimising the station forecourt and arrival areas at Valby Station. Frequenting the station must be easy, attractive and secure. The vision is that the facilities at Valby Station must create security and accessibility for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Visualisations: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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