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Sentrum brannstasjon, Oslo

Gottlieb Paludan Architects served as the lead architects for this project, which included a fire station designed to house the ’Fire and Rescue Service.’

The station met Oslo Municipality’s sustainability requirements and achieved an ”Excellent” BREEAM certification. The building’s technical and sculptural expression matched the area’s current mix of industry and container port.

The fire station consisted of three dark blocks of ’burnt’ wood that surrounded the vehicle hall and supported a light floor of bright wood and glass. This construction suited the industrial character of the area, and the hybrid combination of wood and steel ensured both light weight and robustness, especially in relation to the underlying opera tunnel.

The project emphasized technically optimal and employee-friendly conditions. The top floor designated for staff included a kitchen, living room, sleeping and bathing areas, as well as training facilities centered around a rooftop garden. Administrative and technical facilities were located on the first and second floors, with short, direct routes to the vehicle hall. Materials and surfaces were chosen to enhance employee health, the environment, and the local surroundings. The building was primarily constructed of wood, highlighting its sustainable profile.

Photos: Tove Lauluten, visualization: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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