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Langeskov Station 

Langeskov Station, which is on the TEN (Trans-European Network) line between Nyborg and Odense, has reopened in a new location. The project has included construction of all the elements that make a modern station, including new side platforms, lifts, various fixtures and fittings, noise barriers, forecourts and parking facilities for cars and bicycles.

A key aspect of the project has been local integration with the environment of Langeskov which is a small town with 4000 inhabitants. The network of paths intertwine organically with parking facilities, platforms and the surrounding town, accommodating the flow of people going about their business and connecting the area visually. We have also worked on clarifying the lighting strategy to ensure that people can not only find their way around the area but also feel safe and relaxed in the environment.

The platforms are connected by a new tunnel which also serves as a new route for pedestrians and cyclists. Thus, the station improves connections between Langeskov and “the outside world” and within Langeskov itself between different areas of the town.

New bus bays have improved interconnections between bus and train services, and bicycle parking facilities have been positioned in the most appropriate locations logistically, resulting in several small bicycle parking zones that blend in naturally with the landscape around the station.

In addition to the actual project as described above, GPA also assisted the client in the preliminary phase, analysing the area to find the ideal location for the station in Langeskov.

Visualizations: Gottlieb Paludan Architects

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