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The Danish Parliament, Client Consultancy

Gottlieb Paludan Architects (GPA) has provided client consultancy services for the Danish Parliament, the Folketing, in connection with two projects.

GPA has advised the Folketing on how to protect Christiansborg Palace, which is the seat of the Danish Parliament, against outside threats. This project was divided into two phases of which phase 1 has been completed and phase 2 is awaiting political decision. GPA advised the Folketing during the latter part of phase 1, including delivery process, handover procedure and snag list. During the delivery process, the solutions that have been provided are checked again for potential flaws and deficiencies with a view to obtaining a stable and well-functioning system. One of the main objectives was to ensure that agreements on functionality, costs and deadlines were observed during the snag list process.

In addition, GPA provided consultancy services during the construction phase of establishing a restaurant in the tower of Christiansborg Palace, Restaurant Tårnet. GPA has advised on — and structured the ongoing follow-up of — agreements and contracts together with budgets/expenditure for both construction work and consultancy services, including the final financial reports during the follow-up/final phase of the project.

The project also included coordination of fire safety issues as well as consultancy services in connection with commissioning and regulatory approval.

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