Gottlieb Paludan Architects and AFRY to design new ferry terminal in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan


Stockholm city consists of several islands, islets and skerries and, therefore, ferriesmake up a big part of the city’s public transport system. Gottlieb Paludan Architects and AFRY have been selected to design a new terminal which will serve as a hub for the ferry traffic as well as a meeting place, in Stockholm's historical district.

The client is the Public transport administration of Stockholm and the ambition of the project is to create more urban life on the quay and strengthen the area’s connection with the water and Gamla Stan's characteristic historical architecture.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects and AFRY will be responsible for project management and design in the early stages. A prevailing theme is combining design and technical function and the ambition is to create an area which will function both as a hub for public transport and as a meeting point in the city, which allows locals and tourists to reside by the water.

The area around Skeppsbron and the new ferry terminal constitute a complex part of the quay area in the historical district. The area is undergoing major changes in connection with the current redevelopment of the traffic junction Slussen and the new ferry terminal will be part of the general enhancement of the area.

- We look forward to strengthening the urban life and adding a new and modern connection between city and water in balance between conservation, adaptation and renewal. The ferry terminal will enhance the entire area, says Mette Neimann, architect and department manager at Gottlieb Paludan Architects.

- AFRY has been involved in the work with the traffic hub Slussen for many years and we are very proud and happy to continue to be involved in the development of this area, says Sara Bergendorff, Head of Community Planning at AFRY.

The new ferry terminal will be completed in 2023.