Bicycle parking at the metro stations of the future


Gottlieb Paludan Architects has completed an innovation project for Metroselskabet with ideas and design concepts for better bicycle parking facilities at the Copenhagen Metro. The concepts are compiled in a report that highlights both the parking concepts and their potential to improve the integration between metro and city and to facilitate the shift between different modes of transport.

The solutions focus on optimising access and flow with safe and clear routes that naturally connect city and station and optimise the level of service with good parking conditions and new adjacent services. The report also highlights how the solutions can contribute to creating better urban spaces by freeing up space at street level for other purposes and activities.

The design takes into account that future bicycle parking solutions should both support the Metro's current architectural identity and be flexible enough to accommodate future programme requirements and local adaptations to urban spaces and station typologies. With their holistic focus on social, environmental and economic sustainability, the solutions support Metroselskabet's approach to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The project is developed in collaboration with Rambøll.

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