July 4th: Copenhagen’s new bio power plant by night


As side event partners at the UIA World Congress of Architecture, we invite you to meet the architects and the client behind Copenhagen’s new award-winning power plant and experience the equally acclaimed lighting design, bringing the plant’s spectacular tree trunk-facade to life after dark.

The event takes place on the evening of July 4, starting at 9.30 pm where visitors are invited to walk up the staircase through the curtain of tree trunks towards the viewing platform on top of the plant. The client and the architects behind the design will be there to present and discuss the ideas and ambitions for the power plant and its design. Participation is free of charge as part of the UIA 2023.

The walk inside the curtain of tree trunks is dotted by stops at large bay windows, offering a look inside the power plant interior and the energy production. Between sunset and midnight, a light installation illuminates the façade, adding a new layer of calmly moving patterns, inspired by natural structures like leaves or waves.

Read more about the event and register here: https://www.addevent.com/event/lO16899607