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Covid-19: How we act


Covid-19 is spreading in Europe, and the authorities have announced new guidelines to reduce the spread of the infection. Gottlieb Paludan Architects follows these guidelines and, at the same time, strives to maintain focus on solving all tasks as planned.

At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we take the situation very seriously and we have implemented new guidelines on our offices in Denmark and Norway according to the instructions of the local authorities.

In Denmark, the greater Copenhagen area has experienced an increase in the number of infected people. Accordingly, the Danish health authorities have introduced a number of new measures to contain the disease effectively, the measures in question will apply at least until 3rd of January  2021. The health authorities' measures include the recommendation of remote work to the greatest possible extent in public and private sectors.

Amongst other measures, we have taken the following initiatives:

  • The vast majority of our employees will work from home until October 31st.
  • Physical meeting activities are reduced to a minimum.
  • Encouragement to avoid public transport if other means of transport are possible.
  • Flexible meeting times so to avoid necessary public transport during rush hour.
  • In the office: Frequent use of hand sanitizer and hand wash, distance in work situations and at lunch, reduced staff in meeting rooms etc.


Norway is also experiencing an increase in Covid-19 cases and the Norwegian health authorities have decided to enhance Covid-19 restrictions. Consequently, employees in our offices in Oslo and Trondheim are also recommended to work from home and to avoid public transport.

The following measures are effective in our Norwegian offices:

  • Encouragement to work from home if you cannot avoid public transport
  • Physical meeting activities are reduced to a minimum.
  • All travel activities are on hold


All our employees are still fully accessible for customers and partners by e-mail and telephone. Scheduled meetings are held via Microsoft Teams or Skype so we are able to maintain efficient progress and good communication in all tasks. Any need for physical participation in meetings in Denmark and abroad, visiting construction sites, etc. must be agreed with the nearest manager, who has the dialogue about this with clients and collaborating partners.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects follows the outbreak of the Coronavirus meticulously and acts in accordance with local health authorities.

Thank you for your understanding and support. 

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