New bridge across the light rail on DTU Lyngby Campus


Gottlieb Paludan Architects has won the competition to design a new footbridge for the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Lyngby campus. The bridge is designed in collaboration with the engineering firm ES Consult.

The establishment of the Greater Copenhagen Light Rail through DTU Lyngby Campus will lead to changes in the internal infrastructure on campus. The footbridge will be part of a network of bicycle and pedestrian paths and will connect the eastern and western halves of the campus - while also making it possible to cross the upcoming light rail.

The new footbridge will also reflect DTUs identity. The competition proposal is named "The Red Bridge" on account of its lacquer red color, which can be found on DTU’s logo and entrance areas. Moreover, the bridge is designed without supporting pillars and its simplistic construction will naturally fit in with DTU's architectural style and identity.

The bearing structure of the bridge is made of steel and is constructed in a way that allows for it to be disassembled and reused. Bike skids are available on the staircases and the new footbridge is thereby designed in association with DTU’s strategy and overall vision for the DTU Lyngby Campus as a sustainable campus that favors mobility and accessibility for both pedestrians and cyclists.

The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail is expected to be complete in 2025 but it will already be possible for employees and students to cross the coming tracks, when the bridge is complete, in the end of 2020.