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Lundtofte Water Treatment Plant

Lyngby Taarbæk Forsyning (Lyngby Taarbæk Utility) has obtained a new and modern water treatment plant located on the former water tower site at DTU Campus

Lyngby Taarbæk Forsyning wants to appear as a modern, open and environmentally conscious company, and the new water treatment plant supports this vision in its architectural expression.

The building’s exterior appearance is adapted to the existing development. The water treatment plant building is located in the southwestern part of the DTU campus area. The building contains welfare facilities and guest areas for school classes and researchers at DTU.

The building is integrated into the area so that it naturally fits into the DTU Campus plan. The grounds are not fenced off so that passerby can get close to the water treatment plant, and through two large windows, get a glimpse of the water handling. The paved areas are minimized to make the area as green as possible, with open areas in the form of lawns with freestanding trees.

Project location