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The Circus Site – new day nursery focusing on sports

Hvidovre Local Authority is about to build a new day-care facility for children aged 0–6; the vision is to create a flagship facility focusing on sports, play and exercise.

The physical environment of the new day-care facility on ”the Circus Site” in Hvidovre is to encourage children, staff and parents to be physically active every day and support a lively exercise culture.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects assisted Hvidovre Local Authority from the beginning of the process where facts, needs and wishes were specified via workshops with users and educational consultants. On this background a building programme was prepared and a project competition launched on full-service consultancy on a turn-key day-care facility.  The project also includes the outdoor areas of the development.


Gottlieb Paludan Architects’ services include:

- conducting the user involvement process;

- preparing the building programme and competition material;

- prequalifying adviser teams;

- the role of competition secretary during the selection process;

- assisting during contract negotiation and project start-up; and

- assisting during the design/planning and construction phases.

Project location