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Signage system for Movia

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has designed the public transport agency Movia’s new timetable display cases with HSM Industri A/S as the manufacturer.

The display cases are true to the design language characteristic of Movia’s urban furniture: robust, solid, high-quality and functional. The design is simple and very user-friendly.

The display cases are produced in extruded aluminium which, in addition to ensuring a robust grip around the pole, has great visual and functional strength and will withstand harsh weather conditions as well as punches and kicks. Rain and snow is led down along the extrusion of the profile and will drip off at the base of the display. All the parts of the display cases are powder-coated in Movia yellow. The timetables are protected by A4 polycarbonate sheets.

The display cases consist of five profile components which, in conjunction, provide four mounting variations: single display case on pole; double, back-to-back displays on pole; several display cases mounted vertically on pole; and wall-mounted display case.

In order to ensure that timetables may be mounted and replaced quickly and easily, the display cases are fitted with extruded clips that are easily removed with a specialist tool and just as easily put back on again.

In the spring of 2014, Movia mounted 4000 timetable displays in the southern part of Zealand. During 2015–2016, Movia completed the process, mounting the displays in the rest of Zealand.

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