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Award-winning Bicycle Parking


Gottlieb Paludan Architects and COBE has been awarded this year’s ”Raise the bar-award” for the innovative bicycle parking solution at Nørreport Station. The new bicycle parking design increases the capacity from 900 to 2100 bikes while at the same time integrating them into the cityscape, securing unobstructed sightlines and optimum visibility across the new station plaza.

The award is instituted by the City of Copenhagen and is given to a consultant or designer and a solution which has surpassed the expectations and as such has contributed to "raise the bar" for future projects in Copenhagen. The innovative parking solution is part of the total reconstruction of Nørreport Station which has created a new and attractive urban space around Denmark's busiest transport hub.

The award was presented on the 25th of June at an event about future mobility solutions in Copenhagen. 1.000 people move to Copenhagen each month, and with the increasing number of journeys, the city has a big challenge in providing practical mobility solutions, which support high quality in urban life, accessibility, permeability and desirable public spaces.