Copenhagen transport interchange reopens in a new guise


Ryparken S-train Station has undergone major renovation; it has become a very welcoming station, much easier to find your way around and with good access arrangements and more bicycle parking spaces.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects was in charge of the upgrade of Ryparken S-train Station, which is a central transport interchange on the Copenhagen S-train network. The object of the project was to improve the layout and accessibility of the station, which serves the high numbers of passengers who pass through Ryparken every day whether they arrive on bicycles or by bus or they change between the two lines intersecting at Ryparken Station. We cleared up and simplified buildings, materials and functions, revealing the station’s original architectural qualities in the process. Thus, it now stands as the busy transport interchange it really is with Lyngbyvejen’s vehicular traffic and the railway bridges overhead but also as a much more accessible station with enhanced layout together with a new forecourt and improved bicycle parking facilities.

Read more about the project here.