Amager Power Station BIO4 lights up in the winter darkness


At dusk on 4 December 2020, HOFOR illuminated the façade of Copenhagen's new sustainable power plant at Amagerværket for the first time.

The facade lighting marks the end of the construction period, where the power plant block has been a black globe on the Copenhagen skyline. Now, the subtle lighting makes the plant and the spectacular facade of tree trunks visible in the evening hours. When the light is gradually turned on at dusk, the work will be visible from large parts of the city until midnight, where it will slowly turn dark again.

The current, static lighting is an overture to the permanent lighting installation, designed in collaboration with the British lighting designers from Speirs + Major. The light will move slowly across the facade, clarifying the structure and depth of the stems at night.

In the spring of 2020, a trial lighting for the permanent lighting concept was conducted. Get a glimpse of how the plant's facade of trees is brought to life here.

Read more about the project here (in danish).