Trial lighting on Amager Power Station BIO4


In the spring of 2020, we conducted a trial lighting on a part of Amager's new block 4, together with the developer HOFOR and British lighting designers Speirs + Major.

The purpose of the illumination of the facade is to avoid the very large work becoming a large black globe in the cityscape at night, but instead can give a beautiful and stylish experience back to the city. The lighting concept will clarify the structure and depth of the stems at night. The light will move calmly across the façade's trunks to appear as a living forest - both near and far away.

Watch the videos below (in Danish) for an insight into how the sample lighting was done and see how the Amager plant's facade of trees is brought to life at night.

Amager Power Plant BIO4 - the facade (part 1):

Amager Works BIO4 - Sample Lighting (Part 2):

Amager Power Plant BIO4 - how do we move forward? (part 3):

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