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GPA designs the S-train stations of the future


Gottlieb Paludan Architects has provided architectural expertise on the renovation of a number of stations on Nordbanen between Copenhagen and Hillerød. The renovations were performed as part of the project entitled “The S-train Stations of the Future” which will see all stations on the S-train network renovated over a period of 8 to 10 years.   

In addition to the major renovations of Birkerød, Allerød and Holte Stations, Gottlieb Paludan Architects also contributed to the minor renovations of Jægersborg, Gentofte and Sorgenfri Stations. The renovations bring cohesion to Nordbanen which now stands out as a coherent, modernized line; the stations feel light and airy with improved layouts and access arrangements while the qualities of the original architecture have not only been respected but enhanced.

Birkerød Station – a modernized and more open station
Passenger flows and bicycle parking have been improved at Birkerød Station, as a disused cargo building was removed to give way for new bicycle parking facilities with direct access to the platforms. The existing stairway coverings that had seen better days were pulled down and replaced by new, higher platform roofs which add a subtle contrast to the original station buildings from 1864. The new screens at the stairways are lower parapet walls cladded in light fibre cement. The new staircase tower on the island platform is designed as a waiting area entirely enclosed in glass, providing an unobstructed view of the station area. The underpass and stairs are refurbished with dark-dyed concrete tiles that are produced with special contrast markings in yellow concrete for improved security.

Allerød Station – improved access for commuters and new lighting in the underpass
Allerød Station is a popular station among commuters who get to and from the station on their bicycles and a key objective of the renovation was therefore to improve the flows of passengers arriving and departing. GPA improved the access arrangements from parking to platform and rearranged the entire forecourt, making commuters’ comings and goings much easier and more efficient. In addition to the renovation of the platform and forecourt, the underpass below the railway line was also upgraded. GPA refurbished the steps leading to the underpass, cleaned and renovated the original “Hasle” paving and added an entirely new lighting concept. The underpass and the steps leading to it are now well lit and include variations in the lighting which support the spatial variations, making the space feel safer and much less like a tunnel.

Holte Station – a new forecourt space
The forecourt at Holte Station was extended by a new area between the station building and the post office.  A building from the 1960s was demolished and replaced by an open space from which there is now access to the platforms via a glass stair and lift shaft. The demolition left an open space between two historic buildings, providing an unobstructed view across the station area and Vejlesø (lake) to the west.

The projects were completed towards the end of 2016, and GPA collaborated with the engineering company MOE. The client was the Danish State Railways (DSB).