GPA awarded for bicycle parking design in Norway


It has just been announced that Gottlieb Paludan Architects has been honoured with a prize in the international, open competition to design a new type of indoor bicycle parking facilities in Norway.

The local authorities in the Norwegian municipalities of Oslo and Bærum want to encourage people to leave their cars at home and use bicycle and train instead. To this end, they launched an open competition this spring to design a new type of indoor bicycle parking facilities, where cyclists can safely lock in their bicycles before they get on the train.

The competition has just been decided at the 2017 FutureBuilt conference in Bærum, resulting in the award of a first prize to the Norwegian company R+F+S Arkitekter and of two third prizes, one of which went to GPA and the other to the Norwegian company MMW Arkitekter.

GPA’s proposed design, Bike-Inn, is a modular, industrial design concept that may be adapted to the individual station and the required capacity. The aim has been to create an aesthetic construction that will be perceived as a positive addition to the urban space.

GPA has extensive experience and expertise advising on planning and designing bicycle solutions. For example, the company has designed the bicycle parking facilities at Nørreport Station in Copenhagen, where innovative solutions have increased capacity and enhanced the flow of people and traffic.

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