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Embracing the water in Gothenburg


How do we create water-wise cities? Integrating technical storm water solutions with robust landscape design can turn our current challenges into attractive and liveable solutions that enhance both urban life and biological diversity. At the conference "Embrace the Water" in Gothenburg, GPA and Rambøll shared their common experiences from the Kagså Park project north of Copenhagen.

As cities are facing unprecedented demands and challenges due to climate change, water professionals and landscape architects need to work closely together to create recreational urban areas that can handle the rising quantities of water. The conference focused on bringing together "urban planners and water professionals from around the globe" to learn from each other.

The Kagså Park project
In Copenhagen, the Kagså Creek is harmed by the collective impact of 23 combined sewer overflows (CSOs), several storm water outlets and almost no base flow during the summer period. In addition, the Kagså Park through which the creek runs and the neighbouring residential areas often flood during heavy rain due to the flat terrain and the limited capacity of the creek.

The utility companies responsible for the sewers east and west of Kagså have agreed on a joint engineering and landscaping project to solve the environmental issues associated with CSO discharges while substantially reducing the risks of flooding. The solution combines the use of landscaping and grey infrastructure, involving the integration of flood management into the existing local infrastructure.

The project has highlighted the importance of landscape treatment, not just for the design and integration of the rainwater system above ground, but also more specifically in relation to the complexity inherent in bringing together technology and landscape aesthetics. The solution to the various demands and wishes expressed by the many involved parties will eventually take form in a landscape which many people will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy.

The Kagså Park project is one of a range of current GPA projects which combine landscape architecture, climate adaption and urban liveability. You can read about GPA’s services within the field here