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Copenhagen’s new green landmark gets its tree


No less than 48 kilometres of environmentally-certified tree trunks are on their way to Denmark from South Africa.

The trunks will make up the façade of the new BIO4 unit at the Amager Power Station. The project involves a new CHP unit, run on biomass-fuel, and a master plan for the future development of the power plant area. The new unit will be enclosed by a deep façade of suspended tree trunks, tangibly illustrating that the unit is fuelled by biomass. The changeover from coal to sustainable biomass is a step in the process of fulfilling Copenhagen’s ambition to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025.

Eucalyptus from South Africa
The façade of the BIO4 unit is beginning to take shape and the tree trunks are on their way from an FSC-certified plantation in South Africa. Eucalyptus is chosen for its long lifespan and high oil content, which means the trunks need no surface treatment to withstand the harsh Danish climate. Untreated, the trunks can enter into the energy cycle and be utilised for fuel in the BIO4 plant once they have served their purpose.

An interactive beacon for sustainable heat production 
Upon completion, BIO4 will have suspended tree trunks on all four sides of the CHP unit. The side of the façade facing Copenhagen will invite visitors to move through the forest of tree trunks via a spectacular staircase, from which the sustainable energy production within will be visible. The stairs lead to a platform on the roof, affording a magnificent view of the capital.

 Gottlieb Paludan Architects designed BIO4 in collaboration with landscape architects Møller & Grønborg and lighting design specialists Speirs + Major. In 2016, the project received LEAF’s (Leading European Architecture Forum) prestigious architectural award.

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