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Utility box for high-speed internet

Gottlieb Paludan Architects designed a technical cubicle for fibre optic networks which can be installed in different locations.

As fibre optic networks are being rolled out in Denmark, Ørsted requested a standardised technical cubicle from which main cables can be distributed and laid out to the individual homes. 

The technical cubicle has a simple, stringent design to facilitate installation in various types of settings. 
It is clad with specially designed sine plates in extruded, anodised aluminium. The thickness of this type of plate protects it from vandalism and other kinds of physical stress.
The door is ‘concealed’ in the shape of the cubicle so that it appears to be an object in the landscape rather than a building.

The technical cubicle holds a number of technical cabinets that can be inspected and operated by an operator from the centre aisle of the cubicle.

The technical cubicles are available in ‘black/brown’ or ‘silver metallic’ and come in two sizes, depending on local requirements. They can also be transported on trucks, optimising production, assembly and installation and keeping prices low.

Photos: Gottlieb Paludan Architects

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