Strategic Workplace Development

With new working methods, new travel and consumption habits, workplaces and businesses face exciting development possibilities. Today’s property market is being challenged, companies are growing and shrinking, the demand for flexible solutions is increasing, whereas building projects continue to be overly rigid perhaps.

At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we enable our clients to think of their workplace in terms of organizational development and as a tool for achieving strategic goals. We join forces with our clients to design office spaces of the future which are sustainable – financially, environmentally and socially. In this context, workplace development precisely merges design and organizational development.  

New technologies, new working methods and new ambitions for sustainability and resource consumption compel us to be innovative when developing and designing workplaces. Modern workplaces must be adaptable and facilitate new practices. We want your workplace to be a place you do not want to leave and that energizes you, no matter whether you are working or studying. Aesthetics matter; we look for beauty and we use shapes and colour to let the spaces support the narrative of what is taking place here: stimulating and bold or requiring quiet and concentration? We believe in variation, meaning that as humans, we must be able to make greater use of spaces as tools and do this more deliberately. To achieve this aim, we have a multidisciplinary development team that will gladly take you along on the journey.

Today, we are also keenly focused on green solutions, specifically manifested in a more extensive use of natural materials and green plants in our projects than previously, but also on sustainable knowledge of which materials to use and how we can increase recyclability by creating design concepts that allow the coexistence of old and new.

The cornerstone of our business consultancy is a healthy workplace. We ensure the well-balanced convergence of corporate identity, working methods, meeting culture, IT, indoor climate, lighting and architectural style. At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we explore how surroundings, workplaces and sites can serve as tools for realizing a strategy. We ensure that workplaces have a programme and a form that promote healthy learning and working environments and are spatially efficient at the same time. 





Selected specialisations within Strategic Workplace Development. Our many areas of specialisation contribute to multi-disciplinary project-solving across the board.

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We have organized our services in areas of competencies which are used across our markets, ensuring the best mix of disciplines and the right multidisciplinary approach to each task.