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Landscape values, entities and correlations are being pressured by a variety of interests and general societal growth. As planning and landscape advisers, we believe our most important task is to ensure that our landscapes and public spaces develop and change in a harmonious interaction with new facilities and with due consideration of the climate and future development potentials.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects provides advice on landscaping and planning projects across a range of disciplines: from analysis, planning and integration of major facilities in the open countryside to developing recreational suburban landscapes and designing minute details in urban spaces. Our expertise within landscape & planning is particularly associated with infrastructure, technical installations and climate change adaptation.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has landscape architects as well as architects and urban planners at its disposal. Landscape and architecture are inseparable. Therefore, we qualify their interaction through intensive dialogue across the company.

In cities, we prepare feasibility studies and strategies and design streets, urban and open spaces and forecourts, often in connection with accessibility, cycling, public transport, stations and traffic terminals. We provide the best possible growth conditions for trees in the city, ensure comfort and attractive conditions for cyclists and pedestrians and enhance rainwater management solutions with urban space quality.

In peri-urban zones and greater urban areas, Gottlieb Paludan Architects works on strategic urban development and climate change adaptation as well the development of recreational landscapes, often adjacent to large-scale technical installations and large terrain modelling. Our projects include respecting vulnerable nature areas and sanctuaries, developing new nature areas and management plans and generally focusing on optimizing spatial and visual conditions in urban and rural areas.

In the countryside, Gottlieb Paludan Architects has vast experience integrating and assessing large-scale infrastructure projects and technical facilities. We also plan and design the adjacent outdoor areas of such structures – often in response to a rising interest to invite the public to experience the workings of power and other utility systems first hand.

We perform landscape analyses according to the Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) method and landscape impact assessments for EIA reports. When working on the integration of any type of plant, assessing scenarios and alternatives, tracing, rural district development and designation of large, contiguous landscapes, our recommendations are always based on in-depth analyses of the relation between the site and its surroundings.

At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we take a site-specific, strategic approach to transforming and regenerating outdated urban areas that have been left behind. This applies to the transformation of existing and former industrial landscapes as well. Specifically, this often involves drawing up comprehensive plans, development plans and local plans.


Sara Wille-Garvin

  • Head of Urban Development & Mobility, DGNB Consultant
  • Urban Planner, Architect MAA
+45 4171 8237

Marise Hansen

  • Head of Climate Adaption & Landscape, Project Manager
  • Landscape Architect
+45 4171 8298


Selected specialisations within Landscape & Planning. Our many areas of specialisation contribute to multi-disciplinary project-solving across the board.

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We have organized our services in areas of competencies which are used across our markets, ensuring the best mix of disciplines and the right multidisciplinary approach to each task.


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