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The requirement for tailor-made design solutions arise when the client’s vision dictates that the office, control room or station integrates seamlessly with the surroundings and constitutes a harmonious whole, i.e. the building, urban space and urban furniture interact to create the very best user experience.

With the room as the tool, we help develop future practices. Interior design and a design mindset currently play a major role in our multidisciplinary, strategic processes and whenever we develop new ideas. The Nordic design tradition is a natural component of our design for people and cities.

Focusing on clear, uncomplicated solutions based on collaboration with user groups and partners, we have a goal of a beautiful, timeless result that integrates easily into its surroundings.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects has a long-standing tradition of incorporating an industrial mindset into our design. The pragmatic approach of having few but beautiful solutions is key for all our designs. We take on design projects of all sizes. The projects range from major bridge constructions to the design of minute objects such as timetable boards, lighting fixtures or highly repetitive structural components. We have broad-based expertise of urban space furnishings representing projects spanning the entire Nordic region, through our transport and infrastructure assignments. Design of special furnishings is often a natural add-on to our construction projects where textiles, lighting and carpentry solutions are parts of our custom solutions.

The interior designers at Gottlieb Paludan Architects comprise specialists in workspace development, campus and healthcare facilities and work on a multidisciplinary team of designers and social scientists. We familiarize ourselves with best practices and translate them into form. We want to engage with the projects at an early stage, as thinking from the inside out is a smart move. At workplaces and campuses in particular, we apply our expert knowledge from multiple large-scale projects and advise architects and property developers on how new workplace solutions should affect the building project’s infrastructure, grid, zones, etc. We take a principled approach to complex projects and we excel in workspace solution layouts.


Michael Stabell

  • Head of Product Design
  • Industrial Designer MDD
+45 4171 8269


Selected specialisations within Design & Interior. Our many areas of specialisation contribute to multi-disciplinary project-solving across the board.

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We have organized our services in areas of competencies which are used across our markets, ensuring the best mix of disciplines and the right multidisciplinary approach to each task.