Each aspect of everyday life has its own specific needs and requirements. At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we have long-standing experience of giving physical shape to the basic functions that hold society together. Beautiful, well-functioning architecture stands the best chances of long-term sustainability.

At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we mainly focus on buildings and plants supplying and facilitating our society – primarily in the areas of Mobility, Utilities and Business, under the heading of Everyday Architecture. We work on the initial programming and planning, conceptual development, design planning and follow-up in the areas of planning, new building, transformation and renovation, focusing on creating beautiful, well-functioning architecture that generates value for the client, users and society for generations to come.

A building project is a major investment for our client and has a significant impact on our society and the climate. We take this matter and the ensuing responsibility seriously. For projects big and small, we meticulously study and address the client’s needs and requirements. We work on solutions that are based on insight, knowledge, understanding and creativity. Our vast experience enables us to provide solutions that combine architecture and design with ideal functionality and sustainability in close partnership with our clients, and always seeking prioritize beauty – giving something back to the city or location. We aim for timeless, simple and robust solutions that are open to future changes, focusing on integration into a bigger setting or in existing urban structures.

We know that the projects we work on have a substantial impact on the environment and climate, which is why it is crucial for us to manage this impact responsibly. This makes sustainable-design planning practices of utmost importance. Screening, priorities and recommendations of sustainability measures are part and parcel of our work, and we also offer DGNB certification of buildings, urban districts and landscapes.


Tine Kjærulff Bay

  • Creative Director
  • Architect MAA
+45 2060 6594

Thomas Bonde-Hansen

  • Creative Director
  • Architect MAA
+45 4171 8297


Selected specialisations within Architecture. Our many areas of specialisation contribute to multi-disciplinary project-solving across the board.

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We have organized our services in areas of competencies which are used across our markets, ensuring the best mix of disciplines and the right multidisciplinary approach to each task.