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Landscape & Planning

Visitor centre at the historic site of Skamlingsbanken  

The characteristic landscape of the historic site of Skamlingsbanken is a remnant from the Ice Age, and Skamlingsbanken has a unique history as a national rallying ground.

Skamlingsbanken has great potential as a site that connects Denmark’s past, present and future and offers a rare perspective. This potential is not currently fulfilled, and the partners behind the project want to communicate the significance of the place to the public. The object is that Skamlingsbanken will once again take its place as a landmark in the Danish, cultural landscape.

The cross-disciplinary teams invited to participate have been asked to make proposals for four sub-projects: a master plan for the area surrounding Skamlingsbanken, a new visitor centre of about 500 m², analogue and digitally based concepts for communication and exhibition and an option for outdoor, digital communication.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects’ services include:

- selecting type of competition;

- preparing competition material and related terms and conditions;

- handling EU tender and prequalification; and

- the role of secretariat during the selection phase. 


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