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Train design for Aarhus Light Rail

Acting as consultant architects, Gottlieb Paludan Architects developed the design concept for the trainsets used on the Aarhus Light Rail.

As part of establishing the Aarhus Light Rail, which opened in 2017, Gottlieb Paludan Architects was responsible for ensuring a consistent architectural and design profile for all physical elements of the light railway, including the rolling stock, i.e. the trainsets.

The basic structure of the trainsets is modelled on a tried-and-tested standardised carriage selected by Aarhus Light Rail. All exteriors, interiors, colour scheme, materials, and train fronts have been adapted to local conditions.
The pale metallic-blue trains meander through the city, much like the city’s historic river did years ago. A red stripe along the sides references the Aarhus Light Rail logo. The modern style of the train fronts is enhanced by a series of LEDs.
All interior fittings of the trainsets are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. All vertical bars inside the trainset are made of maintenance-free stainless steel and the floors are shades of mixed grey. The seats are upholstered with dark blue fabric from Kvadrat and red plastic indicates where to grab hold. The contrasting colours nudge users to hold tight and sit down.

The trainsets are expected to also be used on the coming expansion of the light railway.

Photos: Gottlieb Paludan Architects 

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